Cougar Ranger - Gaming Sofa

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Headrest & Lumbar Design

Breathable Premium PVC Leather

Diamond Check Pattern Design

Unparalleled Comfort

Recliner system 95°~160°


Awards & Reviews

"When I first try out a chair with a recline, I take it really slowly, so as not to damage anything. As I leaned back further and further, I found myself impressed with the smoothness of the action. Just as I thought to myself "Wow, this reclines really far," the chair kept on reclining… and didn't stop until I found myself with my feet in the air and the back of the chair on the ground…"

"Once the assembly was completed, I was finally able to gain the full picture. Thanks to the steel frame the chassis of the chair felt very sturdy with little to no wobbling. There were really no issues with fit or finish, which speaks well to Cougars quality control…"

"If you can get behind the concept of a "gamer sofa", Cougar has a cool concept on their hands. Retailing for $279.99, it's actually cheaper than some regular gaming chairs, and much cheaper than a recliner. The Ranger is comfortable, too, and if you want a little space to yourself to play your games on, it's certainly a fun option. A few improvements could be made, in regards to the armrest padding and the quality of the feet being heavier enough to fully anchor the chair, but otherwise, it's nicely built and holds up.…"

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