Samia Tul Khulq

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*100ml *Segment:Feminine *Fragrance:Oriental, Floral, Ambery *Top Note:Rose, Saffron, Red Fruits *Heart Note:Sandalwood, Oud Wood, Maltol *Base Note:Dry Amber, Musk, Evernyl Vanilla *SAMIA TUL KHULQ is the epitome of all things nice. The fragrance itself has a dreamy ambience of Oriental, Floral, Ambery leaving you in a wonderland from its top note of rose saffron and red fruits a pleasant combination to awe any women. Heart notes consists of woody texture base. Dry amber musk and vanilla gives it staying power that will ensure to compliment all day. Presented in an elongated bottle Prussian blue with perfume capacity of 100ml.
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